6 Ways to Get Creative in Your Dining Room

If your dining room is feeling a bit dull, don’t assume you have to make over the entire space to ramp up the drama. Sometimes just one bold change can completely change a room’s personality.

For this topic, we’re taking inspiration from our Buoy Crazy Dining Set (pictured above), which pushes the bounds of color and texture with its daring mosaic of tropical boatwood.

Here are six projects for when you’re ready to get creative in your dining room and inject a bit of the theatrical into mealtime entertaining.


Create a feature wall

Choose one of the walls around your dining space to act as a large-scale art canvas. Experiment with a single dynamic paint color, a patterned wall paper, or a mural.

Source: JH Interior Design via Freshome

The treatment you select should reflect the feeling that you want to create. Darker colors make for a cozy, relaxing space; brighter colors like red or orange (especially in designs with movement to them) create a lively energized feeling.


Add slipcovers

If your chairs are tired or out of style, reupholstering or slipcovering them in a new fabric is an economic and eco-friendly way to give them new life.

Source: Better Homes & Gardens

For color choices, look around at the space. Pick up an accent color from a piece of artwork, or choose something that contrasts with the wall color. For maximum impact, look to the opposite side of the color wheel: blue with orange, red with green, or purple with yellow.


Choose eclectic seating and tables

Consider swapping out the furniture in your dining room for a completely new look. A colorful table like our Buoy Crazy Round Table adds a vibrant focal point.

Source: EcoChic Lifestyles

Textured or carved furniture, like the red and white ensemble, below adds a whimsical vibe to an otherwise formal space.

Source: Altamoda via DigsDigs


Display a collection

Dining rooms, which can be special occasion spaces for more formal meals, are an ideal place to display collections of art, photos, dishes, sculpture, or other distinctive objects.

Source: David Hotson and Ghislaine Viñas via Interiors by Color

Here a green and white plate collection creates a striking installation in this bright modern dining room. Displaying your collection can create a great topic of conversation as well as making functional items like teacups or serving dishes more accessible.


Add unique lighting

When you’re getting creative, don’t forget to look up. You can add instant glam to a dining room with eye-catching light fixtures. Consider a sculptural or colorful style like this one to add a lot of visual interest.

Source: Decoist


Combine patterns

Mixing and matching patterns is a fool-proof way to add movement and energy to a space.

EcoChic offers several different styles and color schemes in our collection of dining chairs, such as the Even Keel Dining Chair shown here. The natural texture of the painted reclaimed boards is a study in contrast.

Source: EcoChic Lifestyles

A dining room offers many surfaces for pattern, including floor rugs, draperies, wall treatments and art, table linens, and furniture.

Source: DIY Network


There you have it: a primer for how you can change one element of your dining room and get an entirely new and dramatic design feel. It’s enough to make you schedule your next dinner party on the spot.


Megan Risdon

CEO EcoChic

Megan Risdon is the CEO of EcoChic Lifestyles. She was inspired to found the company when she discovered the possibilities for crafting art furniture from colorful fishing boat wood.