2020 Lookbook


EcoChic Pride & Joy

You open the door to your home and a smile lights up your face. Guests arrive and they can’t stop exclaiming and running their hands over your new addition.

“Where did you find this? Where did it come from?”
We call this the EcoChic effect. Yesterday’s fishing boats become today’s masterpieces, and no one can hide the delight they inspire.

“This is reclaimed wood furniture? But it’s so bright and stylish!”
At EcoChic, we scout out the finest Southeast Asian boatwood, known for its strength and audacious color, and raise it to the heights of design.

“You can tell it’s handmade. The quality is superb.”
Local craftspeople use traditional construction methods to form every joint and plane — no industrial revolution here.

“What a treasure. You’ll have it for years.”
Share in the pride and joy of those who built these boats and those who carry on the work of repurposing them. That’s the pride and joy of EcoChic Lifestyles.