A Beginner’s Guide to Making Your Startup or Small Business More Eco-Friendly

Small businesses and startups have a lot on their plate, especially when attempting to operate in an eco-friendly manner. In addition to considering the impact a business exerts on the environment, startups have to consider building and maintaining their reputation while expanding their clientele. Reducing consumption of resources, using non-toxic materials and seeking assistance from organizations that are friendly to environmentally conscious businesses are some of the basics of establishing an eco-friendly business.

Begin with Beautiful, Eco-Chic Office Fixtures

One of the most impressive and stylish ways to display dedication to eco-friendly business practices is to choose furniture that is made from sustainable materials. Office desks and tables made from reclaimed wood and shaped into aesthetically pleasing classic and modern designs make the workplace a pleasure to behold for your clients and staff. Another superb option for creating a classy and eco-friendly office environment is to look for well-maintained antiques and retro fixtures.

In addition to creating beautiful furniture from reclaimed and reused wood, innovative moderns designers offer trendy fixtures that are conscientiously crafted out of striking materials. One fine example is a desk made from sustainably sourced wood and upholstered with eclectic fabrics created through eco-friendly processes.

Ways to Reduce Your Energy Consumption

Although it lacks the glamour of gorgeous, reclaimed wooden furniture, an important aspect of eco-friendly startups and small business is the judicious management of resources. Frequent maintenance of climate control systems such as air conditioning and heating systems ensures that your business avoids wasting energy due to inefficient operation. You can also increase your energy efficiency by taking simple steps such as installing blinds, fixing any caulking that may be broken, and adding weather stripping.

Another big source of wasted energy can result from improper operation of equipment such as computers, monitors and even office lighting. Simply turning off lights and equipment that draw electricity when not in use saves power. Installing a programmable lighting system can help hurried or forgetful business owners reduce consumption. Products that satisfy Energy Star requirements, which represent standards determined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, provide the best options for business owners when selecting hardware that is eco-friendly.

Running an Eco-Friendly Enterprise

Reducing energy consumption and choosing furniture crafted from reclaimed materials are vital steps toward building an eco-friendly business. However, those gains are negated if the product or service at the core of your small business or startup is significantly detrimental to the environment. Sourcing materials and developing processes that are environmentally friendly greatly reduces the operational footprint of any business, large or small.

There are many government programs in place that foster eco-friendly business, including expertise and financial incentives that guide startup and small business owners to success. The Department of Energy assists business owners by helping them obtain loans and grants that foster energy efficient businesses, while organizations such as the National Science Foundation help incubate eco-friendly innovation and sustainable businesses.

Running a small or startup business is difficult, and even more so when you’re conscientiously building an eco-friendly enterprise. Enrolling in government programs that encourage eco-friendly business helps you obtain expertise and funding that assist in the reduction of energy and resource consumption while fostering innovation. Thankfully, your office can still enjoy beautiful, trendy furniture that uses reclaimed and other materials friendly to the environment.

This will help you impress your clients while remaining true to your eco-friendly principles.

Megan Risdon

CEO EcoChic

Megan Risdon is the CEO of EcoChic Lifestyles. She was inspired to found the company when she discovered the possibilities for crafting art furniture from colorful fishing boat wood.