Why Benches Are the Ultimate Space Saver

A bench is one of those pieces that works almost anywhere. Do you need a spot to sit while you tie your shoes? Want to squeeze in an extra person for dinner? A bench gives you the seating you need without the large footprint. Benches also tuck away and pull out easily for maximum flexibility. And they add style to any space.

The Galley Cat Bench by EcoChic takes its name from the close quarters in a ship’s kitchen. With its sleek profile and modern colors, this reclaimed wood bench would be perfect for any of the uses we’ve suggested here.


Wood bench at dining room table

Image Source: Tin Barn Market

Maximize Your Dining Table

A bench can make room for several people, whereas a chair only fits one person no matter its size. So having at least one bench at your table means you can fit more diners. If you have a small dining room and need extra space when you’re not eating, a wood bench can be tucked underneath to save floor space. Also, adding a bench gives you a more eclectic mix of seating, which significantly ups the style factor from a matched set of eight identical chairs.



Image Source: Little Green Notebook, photo by Michelle Herrick

Overflow Seating in the Living Room

Adding a bench to the living room gives you an extra option for seating when you have guests over. Make your bench a part of the design of the room by tucking it beneath a console table or styling it with a throw or some pillows.



Image Source: Thom Filicia via My Domaine

Put Your Shoes on Sitting Down

A bench in the front hall is an absolute must. If you tuck it under a table and pull it out when you need it, you’re saving space and gaining function. You get the best of both worlds; a table for your keys, flowers, and mail, and a bench you can pull out to put your shoes on in the same footprint. No more dancing around on one foot.


Wood bench holding books next to bed

Image Source: Susanna Vento via My Domaine

Take It to the Bedroom

A good bench in the bedroom is just so stylish. It anchors the bed when you place it at the foot and can act as a pseudo footboard. You can also position a wood bench against the wall to hold shoes or books, or use it as a long, low bedside table.

There you have it, our best advice for including benches in every part of your house. We hope we’ve inspired you to make your own space more liveable and beautiful at the same time.


Megan Risdon

CEO EcoChic

Megan Risdon is the CEO of EcoChic Lifestyles. She was inspired to found the company when she discovered the possibilities for crafting art furniture from colorful fishing boat wood.