Timeless and Eco-friendly Decorating for Children

Children’s bedroom design has been trending toward sophisticated neutral and monochrome backdrops with punchy accents. And there is a good eco-friendly reason for this, beyond just keeping up with the look of the rest of the house. A timeless bedroom design, with colors and furnishings that can last through years or decades of a child’s read more »

Succulents: Drought-Resistant Surprises of Color

Right about this time of year, the gardening world usually makes a well-deserved fuss about California wildflowers and grasses, and planting native plants that can thrive in arid conditions. But with the worst drought we’ve seen in recorded history continuing on, maybe it’s time to look at a different way of adding color to your read more »

Consume With Care

Every year, the United Nations commemorates World Environment Day on June 5. In years past, the UN has called attention to melting ice, deforestation, the need to take care of our deserts; rising oceans… We get behind every World Environment Day for obvious reasons. But this year, the WED theme really speaks to us: It’s read more »

A New Way to Celebrate Arbor Day

Did you know that the first-ever Arbor Day was celebrated way back in 1805? And that it was actually a Spanish town that was the first to celebrate it? Today, we’re pleased that the tradition continues on. It was Nebraska City, Nebraska that first decided to celebrate it in the United States; but ever since read more »

vegan passover meal

Passover Traditions For the Modern Vegan

At Passover, which starts Friday the 3rd of April and ends on the 11th, a lamb shank is placed on the table to remind Jews of the tenth plague in Egypt. (Jews marked their doors with lamb’s blood as a sign that death should pass over them.) And roasted and hard-boiled eggs do duty as read more »

Celebrating a (Truly) Green St. Patrick’s Day

We love St. Patrick’s Day! What a great time of the year for family, friends, and heritage! Here at EcoChic, we’ve rounded up 3 ways to celebrate in sustainable style. 1. Green beer gets really green There are a lot of great micro and craft breweries out there that are working towards a triple bottom read more »

Love, Sustainably

It’s Valentine’s Day soon, and although there are those who will pooh-pooh the idea of just one day to tell someone you love them, we look at this as an additional opportunity to show how you love our earth, too. We’ve rounded up four different ways to express your romantic side, sustainably. Cut flowers. Did read more »

How we’re giving back this holiday season, and how you can, too!

Over the holidays, we all think about giving. Here at EcoChic Lifestyles, we especially think of giving to organizations that help to make our world a better place. We’re keen on helping the groups that help to make our own Los Angeles a great place to live for everyone. We selected two great charities to read more »