Unusual Ways to Decorate with Modern Bar Seating

Using a familiar piece of furniture in an unfamiliar way creates a moment of surprise for visitors and ongoing delight for you in your home. The classic shapes and playful colors of EcoChic bar chairs and stools are ideal for this kind of resourceful repurposing. Here are a few of our latest inspirations for adding read more »

Loveseats for Outdoor Decorating

The loveseat takes an important place between the single chair and the three-seater couch in room design. It’s compact yet companionable, fitting into small spaces while holding space for a couple. We often think of loveseats for indoor decorating, but here at EcoChic we want to remind you that loveseats belong outdoors too. Many pieces read more »

How Reclaimed Wood Works with Modern Décor Styles

A fascinating way to inject contrast and interest into a room is by modernizing a more established style. Combining contemporary colors, shapes, and finishes with distinctive elements of a long-standing look makes for a space that is chic and compelling. Looking at modern versions of classic décor also shows off the versatility of our favorite read more »

How to Mix and Match Colorful Dining Chairs

These days we don’t have to convince anyone of the charms of mismatched seating. Everywhere we see photos of different styles, shapes and materials around a single dining table. And since no two EcoChic pieces are exactly alike, we’re done a lot of thinking about how to create a harmonious ensemble from an assortment of chairs read more »

Unique Shelving for Your Collectibles

Do you love scouring flea markets and antique shops for treasures? Do you come home from your travels with a suitcase full of souvenirs? Could you restyle your living space every season with the art, ceramics, and interesting objects you’ve collected? Then perhaps it’s time to find a special shelf to display your beauties. We’ve read more »

Bringing Color into Your Modern White Kitchen

Bright. Timeless. Versatile. The white kitchen is a style staple, and the pure and simple absence of color allows for a great variety of materials, textures, and accents. White is a canvas on which to paint a masterpiece. White cabinets, white backsplash, white ceilings and walls, white countertops, white appliances. When everything is white, color read more »

Outdoor Spaces Styled with Rustic Glamour

Playing with contrast is a fantastic way to bring energy and interest to a space. Lately, we’ve been inspired by outdoor weddings and upscale resorts to explore what’s been labelled the rustic glamour style. EcoChic is all about the contrast of natural weathered materials with chic lines and color palettes. So if you’re excited by the read more »

Poolside Inspiration for Your Patio Lounge

Nothing says relaxation and leisure during the hot season like a swimming pool. A glassy expanse of turquoise or aqua is as distinctive a summer design element as you can get. And even if you don’t have a pool in your backyard, you can take inspiration from poolside style to capture that relaxed leisurely vibe read more »

Design Tips for Your Summer Cabin

Your summer cabin can be a vacation from the stress and busyness of everyday life, so why not take a vacation from your everyday home design as well? Give yourself free reign to explore a bolder or more eclectic look in a home where you’ll spend weekends and holidays. Vacation retreats come in many locations read more »

6 Ways to Get Creative in Your Dining Room

If your dining room is feeling a bit dull, don’t assume you have to make over the entire space to ramp up the drama. Sometimes just one bold change can completely change a room’s personality. For this topic, we’re taking inspiration from our Buoy Crazy Dining Set (pictured above), which pushes the bounds of color read more »