Reclaimed Wood is the Perfect Accompaniment to Earth Month

Earth Day, 2015 (April 22) is right around the corner, and Earth Month celebrations are popping up everywhere. But here at EcoChic, we like to say that every day is Earth Day. That’s because when you buy reclaimed-wood furniture, you’re not just buying home furnishings; you’re doing so much for the environment. Here are just read more »

Why Does Reclaimed Wood Furniture Cost That Bit Extra?

Reclaimed wood is an emerging interior design and home décor trend that can lend a sense of historicity and culture to any home. It’s possible to make use of reclaimed wood in a variety of home décor projects, including wood flooring, furniture, wall art, cabinetry and more. One of the most popular trends in interior read more »

The New Chic: Why Heads are Turning for Reclaimed Wood Dining Sets

New interior design and home decor trends emerge quickly, some for the sole reason that they are aesthetically pleasing. Other trends, however, are affected by many different cultural and economical factors and offer more than just a visual benefit. The reclaimed wood trend has recently risen to prominence in interior design, and not just because read more »

The How-To Guide: Cleaning Reclaimed Wood

Using reclaimed wood for a small do-it-yourself construction project is a great way to save on money and be more environmentally friendly in the process. Depending on where you get your reclaimed lumber from, however, chances are you’ll need to perform some degree of preparatory cleaning before you can get to work on your project.  read more »

So, What Exactly is Reclaimed Wood?

When it comes to homes and interior design, there is an entire world of knowledge and trends to understand. If you’ve been keeping up to date with interior design news, you’ve certainly heard about the reclaimed wood trend when it comes to interior cabinetry, flooring, and furniture. But what exactly is reclaimed wood, and why read more »

Four Myths About Reclaimed Wood Furniture That We Are Busting Right Now

There are a lot of myths about reclaimed wood furniture that have populated the Internet recently. It’s high time to put these misconceptions to rest. A number of people have been given a false impression of this type of furniture. However, reclaimed wood furniture is fast becoming a very popular trend in a number of read more »

Jack of All Trades: Four Things Reclaimed Wood is Used for Besides Furniture

While reclaimed wood is an eye-catching solution for a contemporary coffee table, the kitchen furniture isn’t the only thing that can benefit from the beauty and ecologically minded principles of wood reclamation. There are many options you can consider if you want to use the classic appeal of reclaimed wood to add character to your read more »