Wood Storage Cabinets in Vivid Fall Colors

This fall season, we’re turning our attention to wood storage cabinets, which have many associations with harvest, homemaking, and back-to-school preparations. And we thought we’d focus on the colors of fall — browns, reds, and yellows, with some vivid sky blues to set them off. Let’s start with the EcoChic Forget Me Knot Cabinet, featured read more »

Sumptuous Inspiration for Tiny Outdoor Spaces

Do you have a tiny yard? A tiny balcony? A tiny porch? The tiny house movement has shown us that just because a space is small in size doesn’t mean it has to be small in ambition or design. A tiny outdoor space can be a jewel box of well-considered finishes and furnishings. Its size read more »

Sensational Side Table Trends for Outdoor Living

Side tables, those small but functional necessities, present a great opportunity to bring life and fun to an outdoor space. Whether you’re depending on your side tables to hold drinks and buffet plates, to double as overflow seating, or just to look glamorous, we’ve picked up on some creative ways to incorporate them into your read more »

How to Make Outdoor Family Meals Special

Why isn’t there more buzz around outdoor family meals? Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter get a lot of attention but because they fall during winter and spring in the Northern hemisphere, they’re typically indoor meals. Here at EcoChic, we believe that outdoor meals can be just as epic. Here are some tips to get you started.   read more »

Painted Bistro Tables to Satisfy Your Craving for Color

If you visit the showrooms and websites of popular outdoor furniture stores, you’ll find no shortage of glass, aluminum, steel, and plastic. You’ll also come across a fair amount of cedar, acacia, and cypress wood. The colors will be shades of brown, grey, black, and white. What you won’t see much is paint and color. read more »

Outdoor Wall Decor for Your Upscale Patio

Wall décor isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when designing an outdoor space. Your patio or back deck may hardly have any walls at all. But after you’ve created inviting places to sit and dine, after you’ve provided the comforts of shade and cushions, you can turn your attention to the vertical read more »

Unusual Ways to Decorate with Modern Bar Seating

Using a familiar piece of furniture in an unfamiliar way creates a moment of surprise for visitors and ongoing delight for you in your home. The classic shapes and playful colors of EcoChic bar chairs and stools are ideal for this kind of resourceful repurposing. Here are a few of our latest inspirations for adding read more »

Loveseats for Outdoor Decorating

The loveseat takes an important place between the single chair and the three-seater couch in room design. It’s compact yet companionable, fitting into small spaces while holding space for a couple. We often think of loveseats for indoor decorating, but here at EcoChic we want to remind you that loveseats belong outdoors too. Many pieces read more »

How Reclaimed Wood Works with Modern Décor Styles

A fascinating way to inject contrast and interest into a room is by modernizing a more established style. Combining contemporary colors, shapes, and finishes with distinctive elements of a long-standing look makes for a space that is chic and compelling. Looking at modern versions of classic décor also shows off the versatility of our favorite read more »

How to Mix and Match Colorful Dining Chairs

These days we don’t have to convince anyone of the charms of mismatched seating. Everywhere we see photos of different styles, shapes and materials around a single dining table. And since no two EcoChic pieces are exactly alike, we’re done a lot of thinking about how to create a harmonious ensemble from an assortment of chairs read more »