A New Classic: the Lutyens-Style Bench in Vivid Color

What could be more essential, more de rigueur, for your outdoor space than a two-seater teak bench? A spot to sit and meditate, sip a coffee or a kombucha, have a long chat with a loved one. Wood that belongs in the elements, a design that looks equally at home today or a hundred years read more »

The Best Flower Arrangements for Colorful Coffee Tables

Fresh flowers are a lovely way to indulge yourself or show someone you care, a luxurious ephemeral addition to any room. Flowers are also a designer’s dream, delighting the senses in multiple dimensions: sight, touch and smell. And they’re the perfect complement for EcoChic furnishings, matching the organic textures and vivid hues. We have a read more »

How to Design Around a Media Console

The prominent black presence of a television screen has long been a design challenge. How to keep it from being the focal point? How to offset its size and color? How to work with the unapologetic contrasts it presents? Whether or not you need a piece of furniture for your TV to stand on, a read more »

Mix Benches with Chairs for a Versatile Dining Room

There are so many reasons use both chairs and benches around the dining table. Some of them are practical: perhaps you are working with limited space and want to accommodate more diners. Perhaps you have younger children and benches are easier for them to climb on and off. Perhaps your dining space is tucked in read more »

Small Accent Mirrors in All the Right Places

If mirrors are design magic, the way they add light and depth to a space, then small accent mirrors are like a magician working the room, doing a quietly astounding trick for an audience of one. Their size creates intimacy, the way you need to get up close to see your own reflection, the way read more »

Go Wild in a Bohemian Kitchen

Kitchens are a little wild to begin with, aren’t they? Dishes everywhere, water splashing, flour spilling, the smells of baking (and occasionally burning). The best kitchens come alive when they’re being used: cooks moving from fridge to oven to chopping block; guests chatting and tasting, trying to stay out of the way; small creatures underfoot read more »

Wood Storage Cabinets in Vivid Fall Colors

This fall season, we’re turning our attention to wood storage cabinets, which have many associations with harvest, homemaking, and back-to-school preparations. And we thought we’d focus on the colors of fall — browns, reds, and yellows, with some vivid sky blues to set them off. Let’s start with the EcoChic Forget Me Knot Cabinet, featured read more »

Sumptuous Inspiration for Tiny Outdoor Spaces

Do you have a tiny yard? A tiny balcony? A tiny porch? The tiny house movement has shown us that just because a space is small in size doesn’t mean it has to be small in ambition or design. A tiny outdoor space can be a jewel box of well-considered finishes and furnishings. Its size read more »

Sensational Side Table Trends for Outdoor Living

Side tables, those small but functional necessities, present a great opportunity to bring life and fun to an outdoor space. Whether you’re depending on your side tables to hold drinks and buffet plates, to double as overflow seating, or just to look glamorous, we’ve picked up on some creative ways to incorporate them into your read more »

How to Make Outdoor Family Meals Special

Why isn’t there more buzz around outdoor family meals? Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter get a lot of attention but because they fall during winter and spring in the Northern hemisphere, they’re typically indoor meals. Here at EcoChic, we believe that outdoor meals can be just as epic. Here are some tips to get you started.   read more »