Handy Places You Can Find Your Own Reclaimed Wood

Adding some reclaimed wood accents to your home can go a long way in making your place feel warm, inviting, and personal. Many people enjoy DIY reclaimed wood projects because it gives them a chance to be creative and bring to life some of their own ideas about how they want their living space to look. 

Reclaimed wood allows you to put your own stamp on your surroundings and gives you more of a connection to the things in your home, making your furniture or accents more authentic. Not only this, but reclaimed wood helps keep some part of your area’s history alive, as using the wood in your own home carries a story with it. The only question is: how do you find these great pieces of wood that can transform a space so well? Read below for some ideas on where you can find reclaimed wood for yourself.

Look for Old Barns or Farmhouses That Will Be Demolished

In many areas, dilapidated barns and farmhouses dot the landscape, and many of these places are on the list to be demolished by their owners. If there’s a certain structure that has wood you’ve been eyeing, get in contact with the owners and ask what the plans are. Chances are you might be able to arrange to take some of it for free or for an inexpensive price. Siding and beams can both be used in different capacities when the right gloss is applied. Just make sure you are careful with how you go about getting this wood—don’t do it alone, as these older buildings are obviously structurally unsafe.

Comb the Beach

If you are near the ocean or can get there easily, beachcombing can be a beautiful way to find wood to use in your home. The texture of driftwood is obviously like none other, and the experience of walking the beach and finding items you can use for furniture in your home can be therapeutic and touching. Look for pieces that have had a chance to dry and be creative about what you select. You never know what beauty you can create with just a few pieces of driftwood.

Visit a Specialty Buyer

A specialty buyer or someone who heads up a salvage yard may be able to point you in the direction of useable reclaimed wood if your schedule doesn’t permit you to go hunting for it in the ways described above. Reach out to one of these people so you can buy your wood direct and get exactly what you’re looking for. If you have a firm idea in mind for your project, this might be a good way to go.

No matter what your dreams are for your reclaimed wood project, there are many ways to find the wood to do it. You can put as much personal effort into finding the perfect piece of wood as you want. In the end, you will have a beautiful, warm, and genuine accent to add to your home.

Megan Risdon

CEO EcoChic

Megan Risdon is the CEO of EcoChic Lifestyles. She was inspired to found the company when she discovered the possibilities for crafting art furniture from colorful fishing boat wood.