A New Classic: the Lutyens-Style Bench in Vivid Color

What could be more essential, more de rigueur, for your outdoor space than a two-seater teak bench? A spot to sit and meditate, sip a coffee or a kombucha, have a long chat with a loved one. Wood that belongs in the elements, a design that looks equally at home today or a hundred years ago.

One silhouette that you’ll see over and over again in home tours and magazine spreads was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens for the 1902 Thakeham estate in West Sussex. It’s recognizable from the slatted back, distinctive curved lines, and rolled arms.

Source: Better Homes & Gardens via The Potted Boxwood

The natural weathered teak has a subdued beauty in this setting, and blends in with the surroundings. But what if you want a version that’s more energetic, more attention-seeking? What if you want to update the classic shape with a bold new finish? Look no further.

Source: EcoChic Lifestyles

At EcoChic, we love furnishings that are drenched in color. Here you can see our Atlantis Bench in its natural habitat, the beaches of Southeast Asia. The vibrant painted wood is reclaimed from fishing boats that ply the tropical oceans, as featured in the background.

If you’re designing a garden or patio space that where you want your furnishings to stand out against the green foliage and blue sky, there aren’t many options for Lutyens benches. Painted versions like this red one are few and far between.

Source: Gardeners

Multicolored versions like the Atlantis Bench are even more rare. We source the gorgeous reclaimed marine-grade teak, originally painted by the fishing boat owners, and combine shades in unique color schemes for a kaleidoscopic effect that’s truly breathtaking. Here’s the Shining Sea colorway.

Source: EcoChic Lifestyles

If you’re looking for a monochromatic version, perhaps in a more pastel or muted shade, you could paint a Lutyens-style bench yourself. This pale green is quite the contrast to the red brick wall behind it.

Source: Andrew Crace

But if you’re looking for a finish that’s unique and unreproducible, the Atlantis Bench is it. Pair it with coordinating furnishings like the Second Wind Side Table for a winning ensemble. The white framing is also reclaimed teak, finished with zero-emission zero-VOC paint and water-based organic semi-gloss sealant.

Source: EcoChic Lifestyles

There will always be a place for raw teak, gently weathering to a regal silvery gray in a hidden corner of the garden. But if your style is more modern, if your outdoor space needs a bench that’s chic and sharp, bright and vivacious, then the Atlantis Bench will serve you well.

Source: EcoChic Lifestyles

Megan Risdon

CEO EcoChic

Megan Risdon is the CEO of EcoChic Lifestyles. She was inspired to found the company when she discovered the possibilities for crafting art furniture from colorful fishing boat wood.