From yesterday’s fishing boats to modern-day homes, EcoChic brings artful twists to old classics in our one-of-a-kind reclaimed wood and metal furnishings.

OCEAN-SWEPT boatwood steeped in adventure

Our story starts on the water. The proud owners of tropical fishing boats paint their hulls in bright colors and designs: red, green, turquoise, and yellow. After years of daily use, when the boats are no longer seaworthy, they are hauled up on shore to begin another life as extraordinary reclaimed wood furniture.

SUN-KISSED bewitching color, gorgeous texture

We choose only exceptional boatwood for our collections. We search out vivid colors, unique patterns, and breathtaking patinas. The boards must be straight and true, free from warping and damage. The layered paint, applied by hand over the years and weathered by salt, sand, and sun, inspires our designers to create signature pieces that showcase their lineage beautifully.

LAND-FINISHED quality furniture that honors its origins

To do right by our valuable reclaimed boatwood, every step of the reconstruction process is carried out by hand. Skillful craftspeople cut, assemble, and finish each piece, and our on-site quality control process ensures that the results are perfection. When you invest in furniture with this kind of strength and history, your reward is a lifetime of beauty.


We are called EcoChic Lifestyles for a reason. Fishing boats come to us for repurposing instead of being burned for firewood. When homeowners choose reclaimed wood furnishings, the demand for new teak is reduced. Local production creates jobs and supports families in Southeast Asia. With eco-friendly furniture companies like ours, you can keep your high ethical standards while taking pride in your chic and long-lasting furnishings.

  • ocean-swept
  • sun-kissed
  • land-finished

Megan Risdon CEO EcoChic

One day I looked into a mirror and saw my very soul. This was no ordinary mirror — its vivacious color once graced the bow of a fishing boat. In this mirror, I saw how loss can be transformed into artistry, how life can triumph over decay. And I knew I wanted to preserve this kind of beauty in the shape of high-end furniture that inspires pride and joy.