Our Very First Sale

Somewhere on a tony historic street in downtown Philadelphia, our Teak for Two Bistro set is adding to the atmosphere in its own cheery way.

This was our very first sale, but it didn’t happen in the way you might think it did.

Our careful first buyer didn’t just jump in with both feet. Maybe it was her very first reclaimed-wood purchase, or her very first renewable-resource piece of home décor. Anyway, we think that her first purchase from our brand-new company was like a litmus test: She bought one of the Teak for Two chairs first.

When it arrived at her door, she probably set it up in a corner of her garden, paid attention to how its bright colors complemented the colors already there, admired its reclaimed-iron legs and shape.

We know she liked it, because then she ordered the Teak for Two Bistro Table. We love the idea of our customer sitting at the table-and-chair combination, enjoying a fine Philadelphia spring morning while having her first cup of coffee of the day (probably from La Colombe!) and maybe perusing the Philadelphia Inquirer.

And then she may have looked across the table’s friendly surface, and thought, Gee, wouldn’t it be nice if I had a place for a good friend to sit with me, reading the paper and conversing and enjoying the fine day?

We’re pretty sure that’s how she decided to complete the set, with another Teak for Two Chair.

In the end, our first customer’s process is just like our own: Careful, considered, and always with the spirit of sharing something wonderful from someplace far away.

We know she’s still thinking about us, because she’s purchased a total of six pieces from us. Seems to be a great relationship so far. We’re looking forward to building something like it with each and every one of you.

Megan Risdon

CEO EcoChic

Megan Risdon is the CEO of EcoChic Lifestyles. She was inspired to found the company when she discovered the possibilities for crafting art furniture from colorful fishing boat wood.