Take storage to a new level of color with EcoChic Lifestyles reclaimed wood cabinets and consoles. Instead of settling for a monochrome façade, make the most of your space with something bright and bold.

The main feature of our cabinets is reclaimed wood from fishing boats, which are handpainted by their owners over the years of their working life. This wood is too beautiful to waste, so we search out the finest samples to turn into art furniture. The size of our storage pieces gives us room to show off the vibrant patchwork of paint in the boatwood we preserve. Cabinets and consoles come in a range of dimensions and configurations to suit your space.

Along with beauty comes dependability. EcoChic cabinets are hand-built from marine-grade teak, a strong and hardy material that can accommodate whatever you need to store or display, including televisions and media equipment. Every piece is finished with an organic sealant that enhances the wood’s natural water-resistance and protects its unique appearance.

When you choose EcoChic, you get the satisfaction that the boatwood in your cabinet has been repurposed, which reduces the demand for new materials. And you also bring home a piece of reclaimed furniture with a fascinating backstory and connection to the wider world. What more could you ask for?

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