Nothing says “Stay awhile” like a beautiful well-placed chair. With warm wood surfaces and rich color, seating from EcoChic Lifestyles sends an irresistible invitation to linger over food and conversation. For such an intimate piece of furniture, you’ll want something that you’re happy to run your hands over. The original weathered paint of our reclaimed fishing boat wood offers up a visual and textural feast for the senses.

In our collection of eco-friendly furniture, you’ll find a perfectly sized seat for every spot. Cozy up in our slim-lined dining chairs and stools when you want to host a crowd. Spread out on our luxurious benches and loungers when you’re alone with a good book.

The styles vary from minimalist to ornate, so you can make seating the prime focus or let it blend in. Coordinate a set of chairs in the same design and color scheme, or go for a mismatched look with different shapes and hues.

When you choose EcoChic boatwood seating, you’ll enjoy the durability of marine-grade teak, which handles daily use in the kitchen or dining room with ease. The water-resistant wood lives happily outside and makes for worry-free cleaning. Thanks to our reclaimed materials and our environmentally conscious finishes, you can make eco-friendly seating the cornerstone of hospitality in your home.

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