At EcoChic Lifestyles, our reclaimed wood tables become canvases that capture the splash of seawater and the sun’s heat. Tropical fishing boat wood, hand painted and weathered by the elements, has the chance to shine in the generous expanses of our coffee tables and the studied miniatures of our side tables. Dining tables are a tessellation of striped color fitted together with an artist’s eye. Guests gather around these masterpieces, framed in white or held up by iron and steel, to enjoy their captivating presence.

Reclaimed boatwood tables are a natural for homes and restaurants. Aside from their stunning beauty, you get the dependability of solid wood construction from an eco-friendly source. The marine-grade teak provides an enduring and water-resistant surface for meals, whether you’re dining inside or al fresco. Every piece is built by hand with an emphasis on quality and without the uniformity of mass-produced furniture.

Our table collection offers an array of sizes and heights to suit your space. Think of our coffee tables to serve as a centerpiece on your patio. Choose a few mismatched side tables to spruce up the bedroom. Bring a bar table into the billiard room. And of course, a folding bistro table is de rigueur on a porch or in the breakfast nook. EcoChic reclaimed wood tables are an adventurous yet practical choice, utterly unique and unreproducible.

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