Outdoor Spaces Styled with Rustic Glamour

Playing with contrast is a fantastic way to bring energy and interest to a space. Lately, we’ve been inspired by outdoor weddings and upscale resorts to explore what’s been labelled the rustic glamour style. EcoChic is all about the contrast of natural weathered materials with chic lines and color palettes. So if you’re excited by the marriage of traditional rustic looks with touches of luxurious glamour, read on.

Source: EcoChic Lifestyles


Mix Natural Materials with Glitzy Elements

Rustic style has surged in popularity thanks to design leaders like Chip and Joanna Gaines, who showcase the farmhouse aesthetic on their HGTV show Fixer Upper and their Magnolia product lines. When the rustic style meets wedding design, it’s inevitable that glamour and dazzle will be added to the mix.

Source: Mon Cheri Bridal

This banquet table is a perfect example of rustic glamour: wood slice chargers next to glass wine goblets, a planter full of succulents on a sequinned table runner, chandeliers made from jam jars.


Accent Weathered Wood with Bright White

Source: EcoChic Lifestyles

Aged and worn wood is a staple of the rustic style, and pristine white is a glamour essential. Put them together and you have the definition of EcoChic. Our colorful teak, reclaimed from fishing boats, gets its authentic wear-and-tear on the ocean. We set it off with freshly painted white framing to add a glamorous prestige.

Source: EcoChic Lifestyles

Our Key Largo Lounger takes rustic glamour a step further by transforming the traditional Adirondack chair and footstool design into an upscale centrepiece. This ensemble would be right at home on the beach of a private tropical island getaway.


Incorporate Sumptuous Texture

Wool, fur, and cozy textiles are a fitting complement for the smooth firmness of wood. Here you can see how sheepskin throws turn plain Adirondack chairs into a glamorous and inviting spot for star-gazing.

Source: Haus Alpina Klosters

Choose Chandelier-Inspired Lighting

This outdoor wedding photo says it all — the thrilling sight of a crystal chandelier against pine branches and a moody sky? Mother Nature, meet Queen Mother.

Source: Marry Me Tampa Bay


Add Shiny Accessories

Reflective surfaces are the glamorous counterpart to rough and rugged textures. In this tableau, a mirrored vase takes the Bay Dreamer Ensemble up a few notches on the elegance scale.

Source: EcoChic Lifestyles

This dining room could easily be transposed to an outdoor patio. Transparent chairs, a mother-of-pearl light hanging, chrome table legs, and glittery branches play beautifully off the rough-hewn tabletop.

Source: Remodelaholic

The rustic glamour design style offers so many possibilities, particularly for outdoor spaces, where furnishings and accessories meld with the natural landscape. Take pride in offering your guests this alluring mélange of comfort and opulence.

Megan Risdon

CEO EcoChic

Megan Risdon is the CEO of EcoChic Lifestyles. She was inspired to found the company when she discovered the possibilities for crafting art furniture from colorful fishing boat wood.