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When the tropical fishing boats of Southeast Asia are no longer fit for sea, EcoChic Lifestyles reimagines them in captivating collections of reclaimed wood furniture. We search out the most extraordinary painted boatwood and have local artisans cut and assemble everything by hand so that no detail is overlooked.

Furniture made from reclaimed wood varies wildly in style. The EcoChic aesthetic is all about color — rich dramatic color that commands attention. Whether paired with clean white framing or minimalist iron, surrounding a mirror or supporting a glass-top coffee table, color is the headliner. And it takes a discriminating eye to introduce these striking pieces into a space. We know you’ll welcome the challenge of curating a room around our bold color and strong lines.

The advantage of marine-grade teak is its versatility. Everything we make, from the simplest stool to the sturdiest table, can live comfortably outside in the elements, thanks to the strength and water-resistance of boatwood. And you can just as easily bring your EcoChic pieces indoors, where they perform beautifully in any room.

EcoChic Lifestyles means no compromising: you get the excellent design and craftsmanship of our signature reclaimed wood furnishings and the peace of mind that comes with eco-friendly materials and methods. No doubt you’ll be passing your EcoChic pieces down to the next generation.

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