Design Tips for Your Summer Cabin

Your summer cabin can be a vacation from the stress and busyness of everyday life, so why not take a vacation from your everyday home design as well? Give yourself free reign to explore a bolder or more eclectic look in a home where you’ll spend weekends and holidays.

Vacation retreats come in many locations and styles — rustic log cabin in the woods, classy beach house, lakeside cottage, and country farmhouse, to name a few. Each of these homes can have a very different decorating plan or theme, but a common need is for outdoor time and entertaining space.

EcoChic furnishings have a strong summer holiday aesthetic, thanks to their natural wood and paint surfaces and their relaxed silhouettes. Pieces like the Endless Summer Chair, above, provide inspiration for colorful high energy rooms that capture the heat and vibrancy of the season. Let’s explore some decorating ideas for your summer cabin.


Enhance the Rustic Style

If your vacation property has aspects of rustic design, such as wood, stone, and metal, particularly with weathered textures, you can incorporate those elements into your décor to create a consistent organic look. Start with wood furnishings, like these Even Keel Dining Chairs in reclaimed boatwood arranged around a panelled coffee table.

Source: EcoChic Lifestyles

For accessories, look again to natural materials. The wood beams and dining set in this tableau are complemented by wicker baskets, neutral linen pillows and curtains, wire lanterns, ferns, and dried flower arrangements. The result is a picturesque homespun space that blends right in with the adjacent plants and trees.

Source: DigsDigs


Play with the Coastal Beach Style

When you think of the beach, you think blue water and soft sand. We know the beach well, since that’s where EcoChic got its start and where our boatwood comes from. Here’s one of our Pacific Bliss Chairs in its natural element.

Source: EcoChic Lifestyles

Coastal style is light and fresh. Color schemes can be beach-inspired, with soft blue, gold, and green, or more nautical, with strong blue, red, or yellow accenting a white background. You can also achieve a light feeling with open furnishings like the wicker chairs seen below, as well as breezy palms.

Source: Coastal Living


Create an Overhang

If you are fortunate to have a covered patio space as part of your summer cabin, you know what a boon it is to have some protection from sun and rain. The glass walls and doors of this tropical bedroom, which open onto a woven-roofed terrace furnished with Neptune Dining Chairs, obscure the boundary between indoors and outdoors.

Source: EcoChic Lifestyles

If you don’t have a built-in canopy, look at options for mounting curtains or other textiles to give you a shaded cozy corner.

Source: Home Depot

For night-time dining and entertaining, consider putting up strings of white lights that create a warm friendly ambiance.

Source: The Everygirl


Embrace Bright Summer Color

Summer sun gives us intense hues in our daytime skies, flowers and foliage, and warm-weather wardrobes. Bring those bright colors into your cabin design with pieces like our Dock Holiday Chairs, which pop against the blues and greens of a tropical pool.

Source: EcoChic Lifestyles

You can also add color with wall paint and accessories. This outdoor seating space has pink columns and ceilings accenting the view, and even the linens on the clothes line and the fruit on the table add to the bright palette.

Source: Coastal Living


Bring the Holiday Vibe to Your Patio and Front Deck

If you don’t have a summer cabin, you can create the feel of one on your deck. Adirondack-style chairs like our Endless Summer Chair and Key Largo Lounger offer instant cottage credibility. Accessorize with cozy blankets and pillows for the evening chill, and make sure there’s a side table nearby for drinks.


Source: EcoChic Lifestyles

On an urban balcony or rooftop deck, a bistro set like the Teak for Two embodies the summer sizzle.

Source: EcoChic Lifestyles

EcoChic furnishings are ideal for outdoor spaces and vacation homes, not just because of their tropical look, but also because their reclaimed teak and organic water-based sealant make them weather-resistant and hard-wearing. Whether your dream holiday home is off-the-grid homey or glammed-up resort luxe, there is lots of room to experiment with colors, designs, and materials to give you that summer thrill.

Megan Risdon

CEO EcoChic

Megan Risdon is the CEO of EcoChic Lifestyles. She was inspired to found the company when she discovered the possibilities for crafting art furniture from colorful fishing boat wood.