The New Chic: Why Heads are Turning for Reclaimed Wood Dining Sets

New interior design and home decor trends emerge quickly, some for the sole reason that they are aesthetically pleasing. Other trends, however, are affected by many different cultural and economical factors and offer more than just a visual benefit.

The reclaimed wood trend has recently risen to prominence in interior design, and not just because a reclaimed wood interior looks great. A reclaimed wood dining set offers a number of functional and aesthetic benefits, and homeowners are certainly taking notice. Here are just a few reasons why reclaimed wood dining sets are turning heads everywhere.

Functionality: Great for Entertaining

Several popular restaurants and lounges are participants in an emerging trend that you may have witnessed: large reclaimed wood tables fit for sharing a meal. These reclaimed wood dining sets offer the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a shared plate or two in a social setting, and many homeowners who love to entertain are implementing the same design in their own homes.

With plenty of space to lay out your ensemble of entrees and appetizers, your guests will feel right at home and ready to converse at your large reclaimed wood dining table. A reclaimed wood dining table also serves as a great conversation piece, and it’s a fixture your guests won’t soon forget.

EcoChic designs tables for many restaurants and hotels across North America. We also do many custom orders and have relationships with both commercial and residential designers.

Sustainability: Reclaim and Utilize

For the environmentalist in the family, reclaimed wood dining sets are the perfect design solution. Since reclaimed wood has had a long lifetime and has served many purposes, it is considered one of the most sustainable trends in interior design today. Whether you think about sustainability on a daily basis or not, you will certainly feel good about partaking in practices that are beneficial for the earth – and when enjoying your morning coffee each day, you’ll have a clear conscience about your where your dining set came from.

Design: An Exclusive Antique That Creates Character

The array of reclaimed wood dining set styles you can find in interior design magazines is nearly endless. However, each of the reclaimed wood dining set styles has a tendency to create a beautiful look for your dining room. Whether you opt for the antique, slightly colored set that creates a “tea party” vibe, or a more basic, raw version that can be accented with arrangements of colorful flowers, you’ll certainly succeed in creating a memorable aesthetic. A reclaimed wood dining set can lend a sense of history and charm to your dining room or kitchen, creating a cultured atmosphere that you can enjoy every day.

With functional and design benefits that will redefine your home and sustainability considerations for the environmentalist in you, a reclaimed wood dining set is a unique and powerful new design trend that is turning heads. Reclaimed wood dining sets are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, which makes it easy to find the dining set that fits your space and matches your home’s aesthetic. A dining set made of reclaimed wood is the perfect addition for creating a chic new kitchen, and if you’re someone who frequently entertains large parties, such a dining set will make you the toast of the town.

EcoChic has an interesting selection of dining tables and chairs that you can mix and match.  Start creating your unique reclaimed wood dining set today!

Megan Risdon

CEO EcoChic

Megan Risdon is the CEO of EcoChic Lifestyles. She was inspired to found the company when she discovered the possibilities for crafting art furniture from colorful fishing boat wood.