Timeless and Eco-friendly Decorating for Children

Children’s bedroom design has been trending toward sophisticated neutral and monochrome backdrops with punchy accents. And there is a good eco-friendly reason for this, beyond just keeping up with the look of the rest of the house. A timeless bedroom design, with colors and furnishings that can last through years or decades of a child’s life, means fewer make-overs and less consumption. Instead of buying baby furniture, children’s furniture, and teen furniture, you can choose high-quality classic pieces that adapt to different stages of life.

Children are only young once, and it’s a real treat to involve them in planning their room’s décor. Even when their choices for colors and themes are a bit extreme (shocking bright pink walls or beds shaped like cars, for example), you can decorate for the future without ignoring their current obsessions. Instead, incorporate these personal elements in less permanent ways.

Here are a few recommendations to create a timeless yet youthful bedroom for kids.


Choose a neutral paint color for the walls

Avoid brightly painted or wallpapered walls. White or grey paint is a frequent choice because it doesn’t go out of style, and it works with such a wide variety of accent colors. This room for two is anything but dull, with yellow beds against a brilliant green rug. But take out the furnishings and you’re back to a blank slate that’s ready for anything.

Source: Lay Baby Lay

Consider the flooring too. A neutral rug on hardwood is very versatile. In this nursery staged with several Rock-a-Bye Stools by EcoChic, the wood flooring and graphic neutral rug tie in with the bedding and furnishings, creating a cohesive and soothing light-filled space.

Source: EcoChic Lifestyles


Invest in a few timeless pieces

A child’s first bed doesn’t have to be purchased at a toy store. Look for simple, enduring designs in high-quality materials, like this beauty with a headboard in dark wood. The room still has lots of pizzazz, but once Junior gets older, the bed can make an effortless transition to the teen years.

Source: PillowFort via Style by Emily Henderson

Your investment furnishings can also include seating, light fixtures, storage cabinets—anything that you would include in a standard bedroom. The white rocker and side table in this loft will be versatile pieces long after the girl of the house moves out.

Source: Better Homes & Gardens


Add some unique accessories

Now’s the time to have some fun. Smaller furnishings can add color and personality. The vintage school desk with peeling blue paint brings an extra level of charm and visual interest, its age contrasting nicely with the modern graphics in the bed quilt.

Source: Hanna Andersson via Apartment Therapy

We have a very special custom-designed child’s accessory in our latest collection: the Guppy Love Bench. The child-sized frame is crafted from reclaimed fishing boat wood and freshened up with bold primary colors of eco-safe paint. This is the perfect spot for a wee one to peruse a shelf-full of picture books or cuddle up with a favorite stuffie. You can see the Guppy Love Bench styled in a child’s room at the top of this article.

Source: EcoChic Lifestyles


Buy colorful bedding

Here’s another place to go wild: with a child-themed coverlet and sheets in vivid colors and patterns. This garden-inspired set provides a beautiful focal point and a unified palette for other playful accessories.

Source: Land of Nod

Bedding creates a strong but constrained burst of visual interest and can be changed out when the child outgrows it.

Source: Domestic Daddy


Frame art and photos in reusable frames

No parent is without an overflowing stack of their child’s creative art projects. Pick out the ones that melt your heart and showcase them in neutral frames for a wall that is both lively and meaningful.

Source: Sawyer Berson

You can also go with contemporary illustrations and quotations in your child’s color scheme.

Source: Little Big Bell


When you start with a neutral envelope, you can put more effort and attention into creative accessories in your child’s bedroom. Make it a beautiful space where you both enjoy spending time together.

Megan Risdon

CEO EcoChic

Megan Risdon is the CEO of EcoChic Lifestyles. She was inspired to found the company when she discovered the possibilities for crafting art furniture from colorful fishing boat wood.